Hope for Builders

Being prepared for dealing with the system.

Being prepared emotionally mentally and financially for:

The Building Commission

NLP Coaching

Building Remedy Orders

The SAT and the Courts

Flying the Flag for small business

Because we are a small business we understand the worries of everyday. The unpaid debtors, cash flow so the last thing you need is having people messing up the works.

So called experts looking for a bob or two.

Difficult situations will arise from time to time on any building project regardless of the people or the task in hand.

Leaders see adversity through the lens of opportunity.

1.  Don’t Allow Your Emotions to Get in the Way

2.  Don’t Take Things Personally

3.  Keep a Positive Mental Attitude

4.  Remain Fearless

5.  Respond Decisively

6.  Take Accountability

7.  Act Like You Have Been There Before

New builders are sometimes surprised the Building Commission take the side of the customer when a disagreement arises. They view disputes are the fault of the builder, after all you have completed lots of projects and this is their first. This may or not be the case.

The investigators are also expolice so they will be looking for a prosection. They are not model litigants when it comes to the SAT.

Building Disputes cost Australians over $7 billion (yes billion) every year.

Imagine how many jobs that could create and I don’t just mean in the Public Sector.

Don’t become part of this statistic.

You can’t afford it. (no one can)

The current system of the Building Commission and the SAT is costly and slow when all people want is the resolution of a minor item (in the scheme of things) and finish the job.

A common cause of dispute is a client holding back a legitimate progress claim until certain works are complete. They may be contractual or they simply want an extra at no cost.

The CCA 2004 deals with this.

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