Sometimes matters can be quickly resolved when the parties are both sensible and wish to settle their differences.

The services I offer are not legal or financial but look at the human side of the dispute to ensure the decisions made are logical not purely emotional. I accept it will be an emotional experience, being accused of cheating or producing faulty or unsatisfoctory workmanship when tthat is not the case.

However there is no point arguing in Court for an hour over $10 as some people do.


It is important that all documents are discovered and if the matter proceeds to a hearing the are no surprises.

Important documents as I said earlier mau be on a tablet or phone that aren’t noticed until produced by the other side.

For our very first meeting (about an hour) there will be a nominal charge of $50 to get an idea of the case and to feel we can work together.

I trust you will be more than happy to proceed.

It’s important to keep things in perspective.

You, your, wife and kids are happy and healthy, don’t let a building dispute or the system change that.

Only the Government following the Australian Constitution can do that.

This YouTube clip illustrates many things are beyond your control.


YouTube video

H4B Getting you back together

Getting back to normal (whatever that is) can be difficult after the trauma of dealing with the likes of the Building Commission and the SAT. Afterall they are both in their comfort zone. Put them on a building site at 6.30 a.m. then they can have an opinion.

At least when you drive around you’ll be able to point out to your grandchildren buildings that you designed or constructed.

What will they have?

What can they say, “I moved a piece of paper from this side of a desk to the other.” 

Or I passed judgement on an innocent person and bankrupted the family over a trivial complaint that got out of hand thanks to the system.

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