Coaching and Mentoring

Our initial meeting is to define the complaint and ascertain what is the likely outcome. Does the other side have legal counsel. (not necessary but it is important to factor in potential costs against you)

Is the other party litigious? (They use the system to get their own way. Easily checked on public records))

If a resolution can be achieved and at what expense. (this will be the cheapest and quickest option)

Does the other party have a case or is it just an emotional or getting even case?

If the Building Commission is involved will the matter likely proceed to the SAT. (Can be timely, costly and with a random outcome)

Are all the documents easily accessible? (Sometimes important documents are on different desktops, laptops and phones)

Are all contract documents up yo date like variations and extensions of time? (things like a colour change to kitchen laminex require a variation even though there may not be a cost change)

A timeframe for the above.

Where we go from here.

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