Resolution Plan

For this proceess you can forward all the communicationwith the BC and the BRO. If it can dealt with whilst it is still at the Commision all the better. If so we’ll need a site meeting, if not it can only be appealed to the SAT.

For this process there may be more emphasis on documents than workmanship but it is still the same work.

You will need to lodge an application with the SAT when you have all the facts.

When all the facts are known it will be clear what the best path to take will be.

Again can a resolution be reached?

The other party might not have such a strong case in light of the facts as initially thought anf may not be as confident.

What Acts are the other side relying on and if any cases are stated?

What documents like the Building Code of Australia or Australian Standards are also relied on?

Where we go from here in light of any new information, Sometimes it is best to try and resolve any differences once and for all.

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